July Webinar – Recruiting in a Digital World


Did you know that almost 90% of physicians use social media? Research shows it’s true and that the Internet touches 360 degrees of physicians’ practices today.

If you’d like to learn more about why physicians are online, what they’re doing, and why it matters to physician recruiters, join us for Recruiting in a Digital World. This fast-paced, interactive webinar will teach you:

  • What physicians do online
  • How to find physicians online
  • How to engage with physicians online

As a successful recruiter, you know how to hook a fish and reel it in. In this webinar, digital pioneer and strategist Mark Cohen, President of Colloquy Digital, LLC, will help you find the best digital fishing holes and the right bait to do what you do best.


Speaker Bio – Mark Cohen

Mark’s career began in the mail room of a “traditional” ad agency in NYC working on consumer packaged goods accounts. While in the agency business, he co-founded the NY Chapter of the PMA and taught the first Web marketing class to be offered at NYU. After a decade in the business he left the traditional ad world behind to intern at an MIT Media Lab spin-off where he got to co-produce the first concert to be broadcast on the Web – The Rolling Stones in Dallas, TX during their Voodo Lounge tour.

That began the digital chapter of his marketing career, as he co-founded one of the first digital agencies in NY, led Janus Capital into the Internet age, pioneered social technologies with Red Bull USA, won an International re-branding award, digitized and socialized the operations and sales of Human Factor’s International, created social selling programs for mutual fund companies, and trained dozens of small businesses on how to use social media to increase awareness and generate leads while at Cambridge Investment Research – among other things.

Now working full time at his consultancy Colloquy Digital, Mark works with businesses across the US and Internationally on integrated marketing, digital marketing, and social media programs.